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        There are different kinds of filler injections. Your doctor will consult with you which one that

you  will  need. Injections  can  make  look at feel look more youthful. Hyaluronic acid injections

need to be injected twice during a year to get the results that you want. This will make you look

wrinkle free. Read  on for more information on Hyaluronic acid injections to see  if  you if this is

the filler that you might want to use for yourself.

1.First, find  a  physician  in your area to do the injections. In looking for a physician in your area

that  you live, you  can in consult  your local yellow pages. You can also look on  the internet. The

best way to  find a good doctor  is  to ask your friends. Referrals from people are the best choice.

2  Second, you  will  need  to see  if  you may be allergic. Hyaluronic  acid  as  called Hylaform is

animal  derived. Because of this, unlike  Restylane  it can  cause allergic reactions. So  you  will

need to be tested first.

3 Then   you   get   the  injections. Hyaluronic  acid  helps  with volume loss  in wrinkles. It  is FDA

approved. It  is  injected  with  a  small  needle  just under the skin's surface. You may have some

bruising, swelling, and  redness  for  one  week. It's  not  painful  but  there  might  be a little bit of


4 This filler is right  for you if you have wrinkles or facial folds or if you want lip enhancement 

or  enhancement of other features of  the  face. The procedure last approximately 30 minutes. 

It should take only one treatment but sometimes it may take more than one treatment.The results

last  approximately  6  months  but  sometimes longer depending  on   the person. The results

can   be  seen   immediately. There   is   no downtime.

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